ISC International Suisse Capital AG was founded in Switzerland in 2002 and has developed into a leading investment boutique.
ISC International Suisse Capital AG invests for its own account and in its own name and not for so-called third parties.

Our Expertise

Analyzes, information, advice, diagnoses, reports, studies (case studies, field studies) or investigations also fulfill the task of expert reports. In our opinion, the word expertise stands both for the report as such and for the expertise of the expert (someone has expertise). The core of our expertise is to eliminate these problems through the key competence of problem solving.
The financial expertise of ISC International Suisse Capital AG deals with a detailed question from finance, such as stock analysis. Investors, speculators and arbitrageurs are interested in the future market development of a trading object. In financial analysis, the expertise uses technical analysis and fundamental analysis as well as forecasting techniques such as trend extrapolation. Financial analysis, real estate appraisal, market analysis, damage analysis, collateral appraisal or appraisal are expertise on a certain issue in finance.

Our Commitment to Results

ISC and sustainability: why we get involved

Sustainable business and the development of sustainable projects, services and profits are important to us. The exchange with our partners and customers helps us to understand their needs and to look for solutions to challenges together. We protect the earth's natural resources and contribute to a low carbon economy.
As a Swiss investment boutique and long-term investor, sustainability is part of our DNA. We think long-term and consider how we can make the world more resilient. We help our customers deal with changes such as climate change and natural disasters, personal security and data security risks as well as serious social changes.

Our Philosophy

If you want to achieve added value, you must not let yourself be guided by the crowd, but have to go your own way. That is why our fund teams do not need any benchmarks or a superordinate chief investment officer who restricts their room for maneuver. Instead, they develop their own, individual investment strategies in attractive asset classes. And that pays off for us and our partners.
No matter in which asset class we invest our money - our goal is long-term outperformance - in other words: added value. Our experienced portfolio management teams combine in-depth expertise and forward-looking ability to act with clearly defined, proven processes. This enables us to responsibly develop individual investment strategies.
Our goal: Generate attractive returns for us and our partners (joint venture) by making optimal use of our skills. We are geared towards a continuous pursuit of excess returns. For long-term added value. That is the basis of our philosophy.

Our Experience

Experience is the knowledge and behavior acquired through perception and learning or, in the sense of "life experience", the totality of all experiences that a person has ever had, including their processing.
The management of ISC International Suisse Capital has been operating successfully internationally for between 40 and 50 years and leads an interdisciplinary team of experts consisting of legal and tax experts, bankers, business and real estate experts with a worldwide network.

The Team

The ISC International Suisse Capital team consists of very experienced bankers, lawyers, business and real estate experts.

The ISC team follows a process that is seamless and global

The ISC team follows a process that is seamless and global. As value managers, they try to identify and capture potential value in situations where the market's implicit predictions are extreme. The team's approach combines the top-down views of macro and asset allocation with rigorous bottom-up fundamental and quantitative analysis to guide the active management decisions. It is designed to develop a consistent approach that is able to react quickly to changing market conditions.